Tongbaechu Kimchi

Introducing Tongbaechu Kimchi, a whole cabbage kimchi made following a traditional Korean recipe that I have been practicing for over 15 years. This very special kimchi is fermented slowly, whole, and over a longer period of time to give you a kimchi with depths of flavours rich of natural umami.


Every month, a new batch is released to let you choose which level of fermentation you want to experience. As time passes and the fermentation process takes place, the cabbage leaves will get softer and the flavours will intensify. The sourness of this mature kimchi makes it the perfect base for a Kimchi Jjigae or a show stopper like Kimchi Jjim.


Naturally fermented without any preservatives or additives, The Korean Pantry Tongbaechu Kimchi is unpasteurised packed full of probiotics and prebiotics to support your gut health.


Keep the kimchi refrigerated.

We recommend that you consume it in the 5 weeks following delivery. This kimchi was carefully fermented at a very low temperature to ensure the development of its complex flavours whilst preserving its balance of good bacteria. Home fridges don’t have the kind of refrigeration that can guaranty this balance for a long period of time so we recommend that you eat your kimchi as soon as possible.





Kimchi cabbage, Korean radish, spring onion, carrot, onion, garlic, ginger, Korean pear, Korean chilli pepper flakes, glutinous rice flour, shiitake mushroom, kelp, fermented Korean plum extract, Korean solar sea salt.   + FERMENTED SHRIMPS (in the Original version).

*For allergens see ingredients in bold

*All natural: no preservatives, no added refined sugar, gluten-free

Made in an environment that may handle nuts, gluten, oats.


WEIGHT:   1kg approx.



Our kimchi is sent in a temperature controlled environment. We recommend that you place the kimchi in your fridge as soon as you can once delivered.

Order before 11am on Monday for same week dispatch. Orders are collected on Tuesday for Next Day Delivery with UPS or Hived (within M25). If necessary, leave us a note at checkout if you’d prefer  the dispatch to be on a specific day. More on delivery here.


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