Your Korean BBQ essential sauce!

Dip your meat or vegs in this delicious savoury, sweet and spicy paste that acts as an umami bomb.

Made with doenjang and gochujang, two of the most emblematic Korean fermented pastes, The Korean Pantry Ssamjang is the sauce of choice for all sorts of wraps (Ssam). Just take some salad leaf, add some rice, the protein of your choice, some side dish or kimchi, a dab of ssamjang, wrap and enjoy in one big mouthful. Or add ssamjang to your bibimbap for a milder take on the traditional spicy rice dish. Perfect to just dip fresh vegs in too.

Wrapped with natural mulberry paper, a tree which bark is used to make hanji paper in Korea, the glass jar is reminiscent of the shape of the traditional onggi (earthenware jars) used to preserve all fermented pastes and sauces in Korea. The label is printed on seeded paper. Retain for informations and then plant to see wild flowers grow.

Instructions (optional) :

Before serving, add some finely chopped spring onion and sesame seeds.

This sauce is made to order, on the morning of dispatch. The shelf life is one month but can be prolonged if you keep refrigerated and use a clean spoon when needed. As it is made with fermented pastes, it doesn’t really go off.

Ingredients :

Doenjang ( fermented soy bean paste containing SOY, WHEAT, meat based stock), Gochujang (fermented chilli paste containing SOY), rice syrup, garlic powder, onion powder, SESAME oil, alcohol.

Allergens in BOLD.

Not suitable for Vegan.



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