Korean cuisine’s number one fermented Soy bean paste, now available at The Korean Pantry!

A premium fermented soybean paste sourced from Woori Jib Sikdang, a decades old family business based in South Korea.

Fermented for a minimum of one year, this fermented soybean paste has no extra preservatives, additives, or accelerator agents to speed up the fermentation process. Time and expertise are what make this paste so special. This sigol doenjang is strong yet subtle and so deeply rich of natural umami. Its powerful taste means you need to use only a fraction of what you would use with commercial pastes. Its funky notes are also toned down once cooked with other ingredients.

It comes packaged in a traditional earthenware onggi, replicating the way Koreans store their doenjang during the fermentation process. The onggi is then nestled in a black gift box, making this a beautiful gift for a Korean food enthusiast.

Keep refrigerated and consume before date on label.

Ingredients :

SOYBEAN, salt, water.

Allergens in BOLD.

WEIGHT : 210ml


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