Haedong Gireum Jib – Sesame Oil

Introducing to the UK the beautiful artisan oils from Haedong Gireum Jib, a small family business specialised in freshly-pressed sesame and perilla oils. The elderly couple who owns the place have been making these small batches oils by hand for over 50 years. I first discovered them via Jason Kim, the Korean food blogger behind “My Korean Eats” who champions small businesses and has been tirelessly helping them through the pandemic. Thanks to him, these delicate oils have found their way to me and I feel honoured to have them joining my store.


About sesame oil : the characteristic flavour of Korean sesame oil comes from the way the seeds are slowly toasted before being pressed to release all their nutty and aromatic flavours, without any bitterness. Sesame oil is usually reserved for stir-frying meats and used in cooking dishes or as a finishing touch (i.e dressing for salads and vegetables). Its low smoking point means it can’t be used for deep frying.


Storage : please keep in a cool dark place, away from the sunlight, for up to a year. Refrigerate after one year to maximize shelf life. Discard when any rancidity can be detected.


Ingredients : 100% SESAME seeds

Allergens in bold.


Made in Korea.


Pictures courtesy of Jason Kim @mykoreaneats


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