Myeolchi Bokkeum – Candied Anchovies


A real Korean delicacy : Tiny dried wild anchovies candied in sweet soy sauce with the addition of peanuts.

Sweet, crunchy, savoury. These are so addictive! Enjoy with a bowl f white rice, in lettuce wraps, or as a snack.

Wrapped with natural mulberry paper, a tree which bark is used to make hanji paper in Korea, the glass jar is reminiscent of the shape of the traditional onggi (earthenware jars) used to preserve all fermented pastes and sauces in Korea. The label is printed on natural paper.

This product is made to order. Shelf life is 5 weeks.

Keep refrigerated and consume before date on label.


Anchovies (South Korea), Gluten Free SOY sauce, sugar, rice syrup, PEANUTS, SESAME seeds, garlic, vegetable oil, SESAME oil.

Allergens in BOLD.

WEIGHT : 130g


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