Korean Mixed Grains Rice

Rice is an essential component of the Korean diet. By adding a mix of grains and beans to plain white rice, Korean mums ensure a more balanced meal. And it’s delicious too! The nutty taste of some of the grains gives a real comforting feel to the everyday bowl of rice. All with the added benefits of extra fibers, proteins and vitamins.


Instructions :

Combine one cup of mixed grains rice with two cups of white short grain rice.

Wash the rice & grains three times or until water runs clean. Cook immediately if using a pressure rice cooker or soak for 3 hours beforehand if cooking on a stove.


Ingredients : brown rice, sweet rice, glutinous and non glutinous millet, glutinous barley, sorghum, OATS.

Allergens in BOLD.



Origin of grains : South Korea


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