Korean chopsticks and spoon set

This Korean Chopsticks and spoon set is composed of a pair of stainless steel chopsticks, a tablespoon and a wooden rest.

The characteristics of Korean chopsticks are that they are made of metal and are flat. They do require a bit of training at first, but they help develop fine motors skills and you’ll be able to pick grains of rice one by one in no time.

The spoon is also different to its European counterpart as it is flatter, with a very long stem to be able to reach communal dishes in the middle of the traditional Korean table.

Korean cutlery sets are usually decorated with engraved symbols inspired by the nature.

There are many stories behind the origins of the Korean chopsticks, one being that in ancient times, when the chopsticks were made of silver, not only were they a sign of wealth, but they would also change colour if in contact with poison, thus warning the royalty and nobility that their food had been poisoned.

Care instructions :

Wash by hand with hot soapy water.

Dishwasher safe (lay the chopsticks flat in the top drawer to avoid them blocking any mechanism)

Made in Korea.


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