Dongchimi - November 2021

Each month, The Korean Pantry will feature a new Kimchi, inspired by the seasons and our Chef’s passion for experimenting with textures and flavours.


“The Kimchi Collection continues its tour of the best seasonal Kimchi. This time, I take you to the cold winter months and bring you a traditional winter kimchi : Dongchimi.”

Made in winter when the Korean radishes are at their best, crunchy and sweet, Dongchimi is a Water Kimchi akin to a cold soup. In Korea, you eat hot and spicy dishes  when the temperatures are high, cold dishes when the temperatures drop.

Dongchimi tastes sweet, salty and tangy. The fresh chillies give some warmth, while the broth is intensely cooling, often served almost frozen.  It makes the best base for naemgmyeon too (cold noodles).

You can have this kimchi served with its broth as a starter or as a side for very spicy dishes. Or to calm heartburn and indigestion. True healing properties!

If you love the White Kimchi, you will fall head over heals for Dongchimi.


As with our other versions, naturally made without any preservatives or additives, The Korean Pantry DONGCHIMI is unpasteurised and will develop loads of probiotics and prebiotics to support your gut health.


Vegan friendly recipe.

Storage : Keep the pouch refrigerated in an upright position and decant in an airtight container after opening. Dongchimi will keep for weeks when stored correctly. Usual shelf life is 6 weeks when you order online.


How does this work : Our monthly special kimchi is available to PRE-ORDER ONLY, and with a limited quantity. November’s DONGCHIMI can be pre-ordered until November 15th. It will be dispatch on Tuesday 16th November. A few extra portions might be available afterwards, while stocks last. Upon delivery, just pop the kimchi in your fridge and enjoy!




Korean radish, spring onion, garlic, ginger, Korean pear, onions, chilies, Korean fermented plum extract, Korean solar sea salt.


*For allergens see ingredients in bold : no known allergen in this recipe.

*All natural: no preservatives, gluten-free, no MSG

Made in an environment that may handle nuts, gluten, oats.


WEIGHT:   250g (+ brine)



Delivery note : Please note that if you order Dongchimi at the same time as another kimchi, all will be dispatched together mid November to ease the strain on delivery services. If you would like to have your other items delivered first, please place a separate order.


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