Ssam Mu

Each month, The Korean Pantry will feature a new Kimchi or side dish, inspired by the seasons and our Chef’s passion for experimenting with textures and flavours.

“I thought we should say bye bye to a Summer that we can only call “peculiar”, with a bang. Let’s have a Korean BBQ party!”

September’s Special was a favourite of mine when grilling beef or pork : Ssam Mu, aka thin slices of pickles Korean radish used to wrap meat. And it became one of your favourite too. I received so many emails asking for it to make a come back. So… Here it is, for a limited time only!

Its slightly sweet and tangy taste compliments grilled meat beautifully. A hint of wasabi will be added to the brine, for a nice refreshing kick.

Vegan friendly recipe.

Storage : Keep the pouch refrigerated in an upright position or decant in an airtight container. These pickled radish slices will keep for weeks when stored correctly. Usual shelf life is 5 weeks when you order online.


Korean radish, vinegar, sugar, wasabi, Korean solar sea salt.

*No know allergen present in this recipe

*All natural: no artificial preservatives, gluten-free, no MSG

Made in an environment that may handle nuts, gluten, oats.

WEIGHT: 250g + brine


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