Doenjang Kimchi – Jang Mite Kimchi

Each month, The Korean Pantry will feature a new Kimchi, inspired by the seasons and our Chef’s passion for experimenting with textures and flavours.


“This month, I want to introduce a Kimchi that originated with the Korean diaspora in China. I first tried it about 4 years ago, in a Korean restaurant that was kind of a secret spot, situated in the back of a small Korean grocery shop in New Malden, south London. I was amazed as this was definitely the most different kimchi I had ever had. Such a variety of vegetables used, a very different way of cutting them, and no gochugaru but fresh chillies for the kick. The secret is in the muslin bag filled with doenjang (Korean fermented soybean paste) that is put on top of the kimchi whilst fermenting. It slowly drips through the batch and infuses the kimchi. This kimchi is a real Bap Doduk (밥도둑), aka a “rice thief”. It also works beautifully when slightly stir fried and served with plain rice.


Once you bite into it, you will never forget the taste of the soy dressing coated celery, complemented by the crunchy cabbages and pepper, contrasting with the texture of the cured aubergine”

Chef Cindy Robert


As with our other versions, naturally made without any preservatives or additives, The Korean Pantry DOENJANG KIMCHI is unpasteurised and will develop loads of probiotics and prebiotics to support your gut health.

This kimchi is slightly on the salty side of things so consume with moderation. Or at least try!


Vegan friendly recipe.


Storage : Keep the pouch refrigerated in an upright position or decant in an airtight container. Kimchi will keep for weeks when stored correctly but we recommend to eat this Kimchi within 12 weeks from delivery.



White cabbage, red cabbage, onion, CELERY, aubergine, burdock, green & red peppers, green & red chillies, carrot, spring onion, garlic, ginger, doenjang (SOY), SOY sauce,  fermented Korean plum extract, Korean solar sea salt, soju (ALCOHOL).

*For allergens see ingredients in bold. 

*All natural: no preservatives, no added refined sugar.

Made in an environment that may handle nuts, gluten, oats.



Weight : 220g


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