Chicken Mu

Mu = radish.

Literally, radish for chicken!


If you ever had Korean Fried Chicken in a Korean restaurant, you must have tried these delicious cubes of pickled radish. They are designed to cool you and refresh your palate in between the hot bites of Korean Fried Chicken. I have some very crispy Korean radish arriving straight from Jeju, so thought I would make some. Limited quantity only!!

The lightly sweet and tangy taste compliments grilled meat beautifully too.


Vegan friendly recipe.


Storage : Keep the pouch refrigerated in an upright position or decant in an airtight container. These pickled radish cubes will keep for weeks when stored correctly. Usual shelf life is 5 weeks when you order online.



Korean radish, vinegar, sugar, Korean solar sea salt.


*No know allergen present in this recipe

*All natural: no artificial preservatives, gluten-free.

Made in an environment that may handle nuts, gluten, oats.

WEIGHT: 200g + brine


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