The Korean Pantry – Kimchi ingredients set


Join my next online Kimchi class on Saturday 21st November, and learn the art of Kimchi. I will share more than a recipe with you : there will be culture facts, history, personal anecdotes, travel stories and  above all, great fun.

I put together here a little bundle of authentic Korean dry ingredients if getting to the shop is a bit difficult at the moment.

This set includes :

  • *Korean solar sea salt (400g)
  • *Korean chilli flakes (Gochugaru – 250g)
  • *Korean dried shiitake mushrooms
  • *Korean kelp
  • glutinous rice flour

Enough to make up to 5kg of Kimchi or experiment with other recipes.


Gochugaru : I sourced this unique premium Korean chilli powder from the Yeong Yang region of South Korea known for its terroir and rich history of growing the best chillies in the country.

  • Korean solar sea salt : renowned for being naturally rich in minerals and having no bitter aftertaste, Korean solar sea salt is a key ingredient to proper kimchi. Trust me, this salt makes a huge difference in the taste and preservation of kimchi.




*certified Korean origin ingredients.


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