Online Kimchi class – 21st November 2020

“Wanting to share my passion and knowledge of Korean cuisine is what sparked the idea of starting The Korean Pantry.

Korean food is more than a fabulous mix of delicious dishes. It is food that is good for your health and your soul.

By showing you how to make kimchi and other dishes, I will share more than recipes with you. There will be culture facts, history, personal anecdotes, travel stories and  above all, great fun.

I will soon share with you more classes I will organise, from making kimbap to a full 5 courses Korean meal. Stay tuned !”



Join me on Saturday 21st November, from 10am, to learn the art of Kimchi. We will prep the traditional Kimjang kimchi, or whole leaf Kimchi.

I will email you a list of ingredients the week before the class as well as a video of the first step of the recipe that you will have to do the night before.


During this 2 hours online class, you will learn how to :

– prep and salt Korean cabbage
– make Kimchi spicy paste
– spread the paste onto your salted leaves
– care and preserve your Kimchi through the fermentation process
– serve and present Kimchi.


If Korean ingredients are hard for you to find, I offer here a set of high quality Korean chilli flakes*, Korean solar sea salt*, dried Korean shiitake mushrooms*, Korean kelp* and glutinous rice flour to help you make about 5kg of kimchi. Order before Tuesday 17th to get it in time for the class.

*certified Korean origin



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