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As you might have seen on my social channels, my friends at The’Arty Vegan have decided to close their business following a massive increase in premises rent and troubles with a subpar manufacturer. It is all very unfair and happened quite frankly almost overnight so we are still grasping at the whole situation. But like the phoenix, I know they will rise again. Maybe under another form, but surely they will come back to share with us all their delicious food and engaged ethos.

To celebrate their 3 years of hard work and all they achieved, I will be sending to all the Kimchi Box subscribers for the month of May a FREE block of tofu and an extra 20% kimchi, with a recipe card for you to make the most simple and beautiful Korean dish : Dubu Kimchi.


Order until 23.59 on Thurday 5th May.




Are you addicted to kimchi? On the path to improve your gut health? Still on a health kick from your 2022 resolutions?

How does having artisan kimchi delivered to your doorstep on a monthly basis sound?
Imagine receiving each month a box of the most delicious and authentic kimchi as well as a Limited Edition Kimchi, changing every month to reflect the best produce the seasons have to share with us. Plus some delicious surprise treats that will make you discover Korean flavours differently!
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Every month you will receive :
  • Kimchi Lover : 250g of Mak or Vegan Kimchi + 250g of the monthly Limited Edition Kimchi + curated yummy treats
  • Kimchi Addict : 400g of Mak or Vegan Kimchi + 250g of the monthly Limited Edition Kimchi + curated yummy treats

Delivery included.

May’s Edition is : Onion Kimchi ( visit the product page for more informations).

How it works : to get this month Kimchi Box delivered to you around  the 15th of the month, subscribe before the 5th. *

(*Payment are taken on the 5th of the month and then on the 5th of every subsequent month. You can pause or cancel your subscription anytime. Delivery will always be around the 15th, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.)

More on delivery here.

From: £20.99